Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamonds are becoming more and more popular as time progresses. What started out as nothing more than fad, has become fashionable and chic. As with anything that becomes fashionable, there will be counterfeiters looking to cash in. There is no shortage of counterfeiters when it comes to the jewelry industry, and you will need to make sure that when you are shopping that you don’t purchase fake diamond rings.

The popularity of yellow diamonds has soared over the last several years. There are yellow diamond rings, earrings and more. The key is to understand the resources that you have at your disposal that will help insure that you are purchasing an authentic diamond.

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Real vs Fake Diamonds

There are a number of ways to insure that you are purchasing an authentic yellow diamond; beginning with shopping at a recognized and reputable jeweler. This article will examine 5 additional steps that you can take in order to insure that you get what you are paying for.

Ask For the Paperwork

Most diamonds are certified and they should have a certificate which certifies that they are authentic as well as state the quality and clarity of the diamond. The certificate should be issued by a reputable grading authority such as EGL, HRD, GIA, AGS, etc. A diamond can also have a certificate of appraisal from an independent appraiser, who is affiliated with one of the aforementioned organizations. The certificate will give all of the details of the diamond, including the weight, origin, measurements, and many more.

Check the Setting

If you are experienced with dealing with jewelry, you should not have a problem evaluating a setting. If the setting is set in either yellow/white gold or platinum, it is a good indicator that the stone is probably authentic. This method is not a method that should be used as a sole identifying resource. It should be used in conjunction with other methods. For instance, more people are purchasing yellow diamond engagement rings, and the settings for these rings should always be a form of gold or platinum.

Use Thermal Probe

You should definitely use a thermal probe to test the diamond. The thermal probe is designed to test the authenticity of diamonds. If the diamond is genuine the probe will give an audible and visual signal. If the diamond is a fake the probe will not emit a signal at all.

Weigh the Stone

A synthetic diamond actually weighs more that an authentic diamond of a comparable size. The size of the diamond should give you a great indication of what that diamond should weigh.

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Professional Evaluation

Most reputable jewelers or diamond dealers will not have a problem with allowing the diamond to be examined by an independent appraiser.

Making a diamond purchase is a significant investment, and you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Whether you are buying yellow gold diamond rings or platinum diamond earrings, you want to know that you are getting an authentic stone and one that is of the quality you desire. Yellow diamonds are extremely beautiful; just make sure that you are actually getting a diamond. If you want to take a small risk but still enjoy the beauty of a diamond, you can also opt for fancy yellow diamond rings that are perfect replicas of the real ones.